Artist Statement

I have always been interested in the latent residual history of found objects, whether specific or in general.  Found objects are inherently imbued with a sense of the progression of time.  In that way, they can be viewed as reflective metaphors for the human experience.  Objects are touchstones which ground us in the tangible world.  They accompany us in our journeys; they stand apart from our consciousness as another. 

My work utilizes found objects for their potential connotative possibilities on a variety of levels, including literal, figurative, linguistic, cultural, and personal.  These objects and materials are juxtaposed in order to create a subtle matrix of potential resonance of meaning and allusion, but also exist apart from meaning as plastic design elements.

I consider my work as an artist to be related to the creation of an abstracted visual language manifested through inexplicit symbol-forms.  I am interested in the intervals within the language, the space between elements.  My intention is not to promulgate a specific ideological agenda, but rather to create an environment wherein the viewer is allowed to examine those intervals and glean layers of resonance and potential meaning according to one’s own set of filters and personal vantage point.  Connotations are based on the variables that define our individuality (physiological, psychological, experiential, cultural, and the like).  The connections made, and the overall translations thereof, are necessarily different from person to person.  My work embraces those possibilities.

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