Exhibition: Leavings – “Bricolage Structure #1”

March 2018 – Solo exhibition: Leavings, Kiosk Gallery, Kansas City, MO

From the exhibition text:

Leavings is a reflection on the time spent in this particular space. As part of his role at the gallery, Eric performed the finish work on the white walls of the space (and returned them to that state between each show), and built the pedestals for presenting artwork – a process of constantly smoothing, finessing, and restoring. In contrast to those efforts to provide a neutral white cube for artwork display, his improvisational structure (Bricolage Structure #1), made from left behind materials from the initial build-out of the space, speaks to the makeshift nature of the artist-run gallery organization, and its reliance on the combined strengths of its contributors to achieve much with little. The works in this exhibition venerate the abandoned clippings of labor, nodding to historical reliquaries like the cabinet of curiosities or the pyramid, as well as the artist’s memories of his father’s repairs of his childhood home.

Bricolage Structure #1, 2018
drywall, wood, plaster, found objects
dimensions variable